Travelling to South America

On 23 August 2016 –  A new flagship has been launched by Trafalgar, which is basically a thirteen-day round trip around South America, which would include places like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina. This program starts from 2017 and is comprised of eleven itineraries that have been hand-crafted and four extensions, which would give all the guests an easy access to all the destinations of the six different styles of trips. This program will help the guests tap into the heart beat of the southern or Latin America and give them an amazing experience. After the launch of this program, this would become one of the most dynamic tour plans of most other South America Tours.

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn. You get to know so much about the little world people live in.  The moment you land at an unfamiliar place, among unfamiliar people, your journey to a set of new and amazing or adventurous memories begin. The world might look like a vast place for such little human souls, but what happens when you start travelling is, you give space to your soul to grow, beyond the bars created by yourself. You give yourself the liberty to explore a new place, a new face, you make a new friend, and a new bond. So travelling is definitely a learning experience which nothing else can beat. South America is a vast and beautiful country filled with breathtaking places to visit and that is exactly what the various South Amercia Tours try and offer.

Another major attraction towards South America is the Olympics of 2016. The Olympics brought with it a bursting development in the South Amercia Tours. Here is a list of places you could visit after the Rio Olympics have ended in order to calm your senses and get back to your normal life after a refreshing vacation.

·        One of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit would definitely be Mendoza, Argentina. In case you are a wine lover, this is going to be a double win for you, and in case you are not, there are high chances of you turning into one after visiting this magnificent place.

·        For the people who like it “chilly”, this place is definitely for you – Portillo, Chile. Here you could have a nice skiing experience. Remember that time when skiing was a thing? This place looks exactly like those times.

·        Another amazing spot to visit would be towards the Pacific Ocean, that is, Zapallat, Chile.  This place has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it is a guarantee that if you are a beach person, this beautiful hidden beach would blow your mind.

·        If you want to have a taste of amazing colonial cities, places like Quito, Cuenca in Ecuador are the best places to visit.

Most travellers get madly captivated by the huge number of cultural and natural wonders of South America. There are beautiful natural wonders as well as the big cities. Get going.